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Online Guest Talk by Prof. Peter Reimann | University of Sydney

We are looking forward to welcome you to Prof. Peter Reimann's (University of Sydney) talk "Beyond paper: The systematic literature review as a knowledge graph" in Zoom!



Producing a research literature review has become a systematic and rigorous form of knowledge production, requiring sophisticated digital tools, such as search engines, reference managers, software for thematic coding, text mining, and bibliometric analysis. However, the end-product has not changed much since the 17th century: It still takes the form of a print product—digital ‘paper’ but ‘a paper’ nevertheless. The paper concept has a number of shortcomings, such as being outdated the moment it is 'published' to not allowing to scrutinise and/or re-use the review process. In this presentation, I will outline--and show by example--what it means to express the knowledge from a literature review in form of a Knowledge Graph and how this addresses some of the problems with paper-based knowledge dissemination. Knowledge graphs are the infrastructure for the next generation of communicating scholarly knowledge. They store interlinked descriptions of entities—objects, events, locations or abstract concepts—while also encoding the meaning of the terminology used in the descriptions and links.